General Appliance Repair & Diagnostic Services in Las Vegas

The General Appliance Repair & Diagnostic center in Las Vegas offers extensive appliance repair in Nevada and the surrounding area. In addition to competitive pricing and customer satisfaction, we also provide a high-quality same-day service. 

At Appliance Repair Las Vegas, we strive to provide a friendly and professional service from our staff. 

Our general appliance repair & diagnostic service repairs washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and stoves, etc. 

All in all, we fix all major appliances and electrical equipment to your satisfaction. 

Appliance servicing 

In our area of expertise, we have experience in developing fully coordinated service plans that enable tasks to be completed effectively and on time. 

And in this role we provide the following services in our Las Vegas Nevada locale: 

  • Service call within 24 hours 
  • Well informed bidding agreement 
  • Factory certified service provider 

General appliance repair services 

Get fast and professional appliance repair services from the Appliance Repair Las Vegas Service Center, which serves Nevada and the surrounding area.  

We have many years of experience and with our factory-trained technicians; you can count on us to repair your appliances professionally. 

We are also a proud member of the local chamber of commerce and have a positive rating with the BBB and have access to unlimited parts and technical information on the below appliances. 

  • Appliance repair 
  • Dryer repair 
  • Refrigerator repair 
  • Washing machine repair 
  • Repair of ovens and stoves 
  • Refrigerator repair 
  • Dishwasher repair 
  • Ice machine repair 

So please put your mind at ease, remove the pressure of appliance repair and contact us promptly.  

Below is our process when it comes to appliance repair; 

  • You can Book online 
  • You will receive a 2-hour window and a free phone call before arrival. 
  • We offer a prepaid price with no hidden costs 
  • What we offer you is what you pay for. There is no hourly rate. And all our prices are flat-rate for the Blue Book of Home Appliances. 

We promise professionalism, a factory-trained technician and we only use high-quality OEM parts with a manufacturing guarantee. And we are experts in the below repair services. 

  • Refrigerator repair service 

Don’t worry about water leaks in the refrigerator. Let us fix this issue for you. If the refrigerator cannot start or cool down, you can identify the cause of the problem and fix it immediately. 

  • Repair washer and dryer 

If your washing machine is leaking or not draining, leave it to us. Similarly, we can also fix dryers that don’t heat up, spin, or even start. 

  • Repair of ovens and stoves 

Contact us if your oven or the stove has an error code or if the burner is not working properly. We also start heat, and repair ovens and stoves that have stopped working. 

  • Repair of dishwashers and waste disposal equipment 

We will save you time by repairing a leaking or malfunctioning dishwasher today. We can also repair noisy waste disposers and those that are stuck, or unable to start. 


We provide fast, high-quality general appliance repair services, that serve all areas around Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Similarly, when it comes to repairing, washing machines, ovens, dryers, and refrigerators, we should be the first and last company you need to turn to.