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Washing Machine Repair Services in Las Vegas

The washing machine is one of the most important appliances in the home. However, it also breaks down and that’s when you need the washing machine repair services from us at Appliance Repair Las Vegas. 

 The washing machine frees you from the struggle to wash clothes manually. But what if it breaks down?  

When this happens and you live in the Nevada area then you can contact us at Appliance Repair Las Vegas for your washing machine repair needs. 

Who we are 

 We are experts at washing machine repairs in the Nevada area. Moreover, our technicians have a deep understanding of the correct method to apply in the event of a washing machine breakdown. And we are specialists in the repair of washing machines of all brands. 

This also means that there is no job that is too big or too small for us. So call us at any time when your washing machine breaks down. 

What are the typical problems with washing machines? 

Washing machines are very affordable, but at the same time, problems often occur if you don’t keep a good service log. Let’s take look at the most typical problems that can occur with a washing machine. 

  • Drainage problem 

If the washer does not drain, there is a problem with the drain motor controlling the draining system. So if the drain is too slow, then the system may be dirty or has lint. 

  • The wash cycle does not start 

This problem is more typical with top-loading washing machines. Perhaps the sensor that tells the washer that the lid is closed is the cause of the problem. Another cause of this problem is a weight sensor malfunction in the washing machine. In the latter case, it will be necessary to replace the weight sensor. 

  • Sounds a buzzer at startup to display an error 

In this state, the washing machine indicates that there is a problem with the internal components. The display also shows the associated error code which indicates the faulty component. These error codes vary by manufacturer. Therefore, refer to your washing machine user manual for more information. 

  • Abnormal vibrations during full operation of the washing machine 

This is usually due to the washing machine being out of balance. If the surface under the washer is not level, make the necessary adjustments to the adjustable screws where the washer is located. 

Similarly, if your washing machine does not have these screws, purchase a stand with adjustable screws and place the washing machine on top of it. If the surface is flat and vibrates continuously, be sure to evenly distribute the clothes in the tub before washing. 

Why Choose US?

Here at Appliance Repair Las Vegas, our goal is to provide fast and affordable repair services within a reasonable time frame. And our reliable team of technicians is qualified to repair all types of washing machines. 

We repair and service all brands and models of domestic and commercial washing machines in the Nevada area. 


If you require a washing machine repair service in the Nevada area please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be there promptly. 

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